Last week we had a tasting in Belgium.   Early in the morning I hoisted my carcass into a car in which I thought it was clever at all that it could fit seats and a steering wheel, but this aside. But oh well I had Lea and Juul by my side so what could happen to me I thought… Fortunately Dennis joined later, so I let my thoughts go.

Man, the journey was long, even Dennis didn’t answer anymore.

Once I arrived, I forced myself out of the car and started the tasting somewhat stoically. At the second table Dennis and I lost the ladies. They stood 28 tables away at a 1.5 liter brillcream coiffed primate with a slight lean towards the gay sensual.

I immediately got visions of Rooie Rinus and Pe Daalemmer

(don’t trust Italians, they mess with preserves, they put all kinds of things in
them, they talk about amore, but let them be old-fashioned
an Italian is too small for us

oh those Italians, they are full of charm
oh those Italians, horns with many alarms
oh those Italians, how romantic they are
but those guys from stavast, you’ll only find them here)

The plague with Italian primates is that they are permanently in denial. Even if they are in a wheelchair. They still have two healthy legs, you can’t fool them. Refusing to use elevators even though they do. Have themselves carried up 16 flights of stairs screaming “Let me walk, let me walk, you hear”

But I digress, they were gesturing wildly. That we had to come, I went there with fresh reluctance. Enthusiastically the primate came to me, with 2 glasses in his hand.

“Taste, taste Frank”: Lea cooed.   One sip and all my prejudices disappeared like snow in the sun. Who made the best coffee, do you enjoy sitting on a terrace, playing the best football….. 

He introduced himself as Paolo Cottini. Owner of vineyards in Valpolicella. I had been given a glass of Ripasso. What a great wine: I cooed. We want them.

But who are you then, Dennis began cautiously.

La differenza tra fare un lavaro e farlo per passione è il risultato! The difference between working and doing it with passion is the final result! Paolo Cottini has his own work ethic to obtain a personal identity for his wines. Together with his wife Sarah, he continues a passion under his own name that has actually inspired 3 generations. The grapevines are planted in the heart of Valpolicella, more specifically Castelrotto and include 2 different wine regions, both geological and climatic. One in Ca’ del Gallo at 580 m altitude and oriented southwest and the other in Valgatara at 250 m altitude and oriented southeast. They are therefore in the middle of the big names and enable them to give the respective wines as much balance and complexity as possible and to guarantee a unique identity.